2019 Conference Preview

Looking Forward to Oxford, Mississippi

By Kevin Tate
First Vice President/Conference Chairman

"To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi."
                     -- possibly William Faulkner, probably Willie Morris

This October's conference set for October 23-26 is poised to offer engagement with the sporting South across a select framework of venues ideally suited to communicate the vitality of its thriving literary life. They include a premier gun dog training haven whose staff gladly shares seasons by the score of hard-earned experience and practical knowledge, a just-opened public shooting facility with outstanding opportunities to test every discipline, a newly-minted conference center perfectly-sized for our group and adjacent to comfortable lodging, all wrapped around a quiet home that stands nearby but apart, among ancient cedar and monumental oak, where the story of our land and its people was distilled from the mists of the Delta and Hill Country malts in the mind of the Nobel laureate whose masterly work breathes life from a past that was never dead, and not even past, but eternal.

Handy to the Memphis airport and easily reached by interstate or back roads as you choose, Oxford, Mississippi, is large enough to have everything our conference could ask and small enough to be thrilled to share. Its spirit is infused with the vitality of one of the nation's foremost independent bookstore empires and served three times a day at the tables of a collection of restaurants curated by the region's reigning bard of salt and sage. We will do sessions on site at Wild Rose Kennels, shoot to our content at the Charles Ray Nix WMA Range, gather and gab at the Oxford Conference Center and enjoy personalized tours of Rowan Oak under the supervision of its full-time staff, all kicked off by a welcome event centered on a town square that hums with hand-chosen writing, amazing culinary creations and a way of life that was never really gone. Oxford 2019 promises to be an exceptionally productive conference for both camera and pen, as well as a mighty, mighty fine time.

Conference Agenda

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Lodging and other Information

Meet Mike Stewart's four-legged students, of "Garden & Gun," "Wall Street Journal" and "Forbes" fame here: http://uklabs.com/. 

Shoot rifles out to 300 yards, handguns to 50, archery as you please, five stand over water, well-sheltered trap and skeet and encounter the state's newest and best sporting clays course here: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/sports/2016/08/29/new-shooting-range-coming-north-mississippi/89533648/ 

See Oxford's gem of a conference center here: http://www.oxfordconferencecenter.com/ 

Look forward to walking the hallowed grounds and halls of William Faulkner's home, Rowan Oak, here:  https://museum.olemiss.edu/historic-houses/rowan-oak/

Turn the pages of Richard Howorth's Square Books, Off Square Books and Square Books, Jr., here: https://www.squarebooks.com/ 

Taste the wares of John Currence's cooking here: https://chefjohncurrence.com/restaurants/