2018 Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award Winner Colin Riley

Collin Riley, a student at the University of North Dakota, earned the 2018 Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award. Riley attended the SEOPA conference in Florence, S.C., where he met industry icons, attended seminars, and learned about more about his options for a career in outdoor communications.  

Riley said, “I want to thank everyone who is a part of SEOPA for this unbelievable opportunity to grow and learn in my passions for the outdoors and outdoor communication. Having the honor of being chosen for the Lindsay Sale-Tinney award is a truly humbling experience that I was not expecting to achieve.”

Riley is pursuing a major in communications with a minor in biology. He is an avid hunter who loves trying to tell stories through written words, photographs and video. “When I first learned about the Lindsay Sale-Tinney award,” Riley said, “I was captivated by everything this award represents to me and every single aspiring outdoor communicator. I realized this award was so much more than going to a conference; this award gave me hope. It gave me this feeling that if I work hard enough and do everything in my power I can succeed in my hopes and dreams.”

SEOPA's 2018 President Bobby Dale said, “I’m very impressed with Collin Riley’s resume. He is an excellent student with a wide variety of skill and experience for such a young person, and his essay leaves no doubt he is passionate about pursuing a lifelong career in outdoors communications.”

Riley concluded, “I want to say thanks again to everyone who makes this award possible because even if they don't know it, chances like this change lives. I know it will change mine.”