Corporate Membership

Thank you for your interest in SEOPA. We have been helping outdoor communicators and allied corporations excel in their respective careers since 1964. Our media members specialize in stories about traditional outdoor sports like fishing, hunting, camping and boating via newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. Corporate members support these efforts and utilize the association to build relationships with members of the press and potential corporate partners. We have media members in 38 states, though most hail from the 14 most southeastern states. Our corporate members are from all over the country.

Corporate Representation

SEOPA Corporate Director Pam Swanner has a voting position on the SEOPA board of directors. She keeps in touch with fellow corporate members through regular e-mail updates and helps communicate the needs of corporate members to the board. Pam is actively working to enhance all aspects of the media-corporate member relationship. SEOPA provides excellent corporate-to-corporate networking opportunities, too.

Membership Directory

A searchable, comprehensive membership database is available online and electronic membership data is available to members upon request. All members receive at least 12 e-newsletters each year and dozens of back issues of SEOPA News are available to members online.


Our annual conference takes place each fall. Our registration day includes a showcase of tourism partners from the Southeast, and we also offer a Breakout Day when writers spend an afternoon outdoors (Friday) exploring the products and services offered by corporate members. We also offer a “hands-on” shooting event on Saturday. Conference sponsorship opportunities are available to corporate members and auction/raffle prizes for our fundraiser are always well publicized and appreciated.


Annual Dues – Annual dues are $200. A three-year membership is available for $540. These fees are pro-rated after May 1 to include next year, ($300 and $640, respectively).

Membership Certification

I understand that, upon payment of dues as above, my firm will be a Corporate Member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, Inc. (SEOPA) and will be entitled to the following privileges: a copy of the annual confidential membership directory; SEOPA’s newsletter; logos; decals; SEOPA’s mailing list and representation at any function of the organization. I also understand that Corporate Members are not entitled to hold a major office, but they do elect a voting liaison to the board of directors and are able to serve on committees.

Corporate Membership Application/Renewal