Crimson Trace Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary



(Wilsonville, OR)— Crimson Trace®, America’s leading laser sight manufacturer, began business in the backroom of a machine shop in 1994. It was a typical rainy Oregon day when founder Lew Danielson filled out and submitted the paperwork to launch the world’s premier laser sight manufacturer. In the days that followed, customers sent their GLOCK® pistols in for machining, wiring and installation of an embedded laser diode. Those laser sights continue to be serviced today—a strong commitment to the many loyal customers. Great customer service has been a cornerstone of business for Crimson Trace across the decades and years, and in 2019 those years in business equals 25—a quarter century.

 The 25 years in business for Crimson Trace have seen many milestones, such as the release of the Lasergrips® laser sights for the popular 1911 pistols, and the LiNQ® wireless remote activation technology for laser sights and lights for MSR rifles. Crimson Trace also began the Free Batteries for Life program and introduced firearms owners to the patented Instinctive Activation™ laser sight engagement system. Laserguard®, Rail Master® and other laser sights have added to the numerous product lines the company offers to customers, including law enforcement and military units. The company added green laser diodes to numerous laser sights beginning in 2012. Recently, Crimson Trace added tactical lights, red dot sights and riflescopes to the growing product categories.

 The 25 years at Crimson Trace have resulted in numerous prestigious recognitions, including a 2017 NRA American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Award for LiNQ, being noted as America’s Top Brand by Southwick Associates, several Academy of Excellence awards, many shooting sports industry awards and many patents for innovation and product designs. The company also sponsors many events in the shooting industry and launched the Midnight 3-Gun shooting competition in 2012. That all-night competition in the sandy desert required the use of laser sights and lights to complete the numerous shooting challenges.

In honor of 25 years of service to America’s firearms owners, in 2019 Crimson Trace is giving away numerous special firearms equipped with laser sights or tactical lights. These will be awarded each month in a special 25/25/25 drawing. Details are at

 Crimson Trace works with many firearms manufacturers in product designs and special product packages. Those manufacturers include Browning®, Kimber®, Remington®, Smith & Wesson®, and others. Many firearms manufacturers and retailers across America offer various firearms with Crimson Trace laser sights pre-installed.

 Crimson Trace continues to lead the laser sight accessory category by offering products through 2,500+ dealers across America. The company’s products can be easily installed without requiring modification of the firearm —or special gunsmith skills. For more information on Crimson Trace products, dealer locations, and to obtain a free copy of the company’s catalog, visit or call 800-442-2406.

 About Crimson Trace Corporation

Based in Oregon, Crimson Trace Corporation offers laser sights, tactical lights, electronic  sights, and riflescopes focused on the tactical, long range, hunting, and self-defense customer.   The company’s riflescopes and red dot sights are engineered to meet the needs of professional users and recreational firearms and outdoor enthusiasts and incorporate numerous performance features including proprietary illuminated reticle designs.  The company’s industry leading laser sight innovations include: Lasergrips® laser sights, Laserguard® laser sights, LiNQ® wireless operated laser and light systems, and Lightguard® lights for firearms, each with Instinctive Activation™ firearm laser activation technology. Additional product lines include tactical lights and Defender Series™ and Rail Master® firearms accessories. Full details are available at or by calling 800-442-2406.

 For more information contact:

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