Daisy Model 1999 BB Guns

ROGERS, Ark. – Daisy Outdoor Products, manufacturer of the famous Red Ryder BB Gun, announces the introduction of the new Model 1999 BB Gun in three versions. Each version features some traditional Daisy features – 650 BB capacity, lever action, trigger block safety – but that’s where the similarities end.

You’ll likely first notice the stock and forearms. The Model 1999DB is “Daisy Blue,” a teal-like blue color. The Model 1999C is the Camo version, and the Model 1999P is pink. Next major difference is the lever. The Model 1999 features a large loop lever. Next is the sights; the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and the front is bright fiber optic.

Each Model 1999 features solid Daisy workmanship and durability. Made for youth shooters age 10 and older, the Model 1999 measures 35.4 inches in length and weights just 2.2 pounds.

Daisy reaches more than 1 million youth each year with gun safety programs through the Daisy Inflatable Range program, gun safety curriculum, and partnerships with youth organizations like the 4-H and Kid Safe Foundation. It’s tools like the new Daisy Model 1999 that allow responsible adults to teach those gun safety lessons in a safe environment.