Media Application and Instructions

Thank you for your interest in joining SEOPA. Please read the following information pertaining to membership qualifications before completing your application at the bottom of the page.

Application Process

Upon receipt and approval of your application, the Membership Screening Committee will forward your information to SEOPA Headquarters for further processing, including a payment link. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a membership packet and access to the Members’ section of the website.

Annual Dues

Active or Associate $75   Apprentice or Student $37.50

Three-year active and associate memberships are available at a discounted price of $200. All prices are pro-rated between May 1 and Nov. 1 to include the following year:  pro-rated Active or Associate $112.50, three-year $235; pro-rated Apprentice or Student $56.25 (available only year-by-year).

Membership Classifications

Classification assignment is made by the Membership Screening Committee, subject to review by the Board of Directors, on the basis of evidence submitted with the application. 

Individual Active Membership

Active Membership shall require monetary compensation for work in outdoor-oriented editorial subject matter, to include written, graphic, photographic, computer or electronically generated or other published material which has as its primary purpose and use the education or inspiration of its audience rather the promotion of any product or service. Active membership requires qualification in one or a combination of the following categories: (extent, subject matter and audience will be considered in determining classification. An applicant may qualify under a single category or under a combination of activities — that is, be sufficiently active in several ways to meet minimum requirements, even though the member does not qualify in one specific category). Except for the book category, all work must have been completed in the 12-month period last past.

Individual Associate Membership

 May be granted to persons as follows:

A. General Associate Memberships may be granted to persons in allied fields and with mutual interest in the outdoors, who’s writing activities equal no less than one-half the requirements for Active status. Dues for General Associates shall be the same as for Active members.

B. Student Associate Memberships may be granted to full-time students in seventh grade or its home-school equivalent and higher who have shown an interest in professional outdoor communications. Student Associate Member dues shall be one-half the rate for Active and General Associate Members.

C. Apprentice Associate Membership may be granted to aspiring outdoor communicators who are beginning their careers and who do not yet qualify for Active or General memberships. Membership shall be granted for a maximum of three years, by which time the Apprentice Associate Member must qualify for General Associate or Active membership or be dropped from the rolls of SEOPA. Dues for Apprentice Associate shall be one-half the rate of Active and General Associate members.

With the exception of voting, the right to hold office, and participation in the Excellence In Craft competition Individual Associate Members and Apprentice Associate Members may participate in all SEOPA services and activities.

Categories for Active and General Associate Members

A. Newspaper:  Shall be a columnist, writer, editor or feature writer with a minimum of 26 published pieces per 12-month period.

B. Cartoonist, Illustrator or Artist: Shall have a minimum of 12 published items of an outdoor nature per 12-month period.

C. Radio and Television: The applicant must be a host, writer and/or producer of:

  1. Thirteen shows of the 30-minute format, or
  2. Forty-eight shows of the two-five minute format, or
  3. Comparable exposures as determined by the Membership Screening Committee on a case-by-case basis

D. Photography:

  1. Still: Thirty-five published outdoor pictures per 12-month period.
  2. Motion Pictures: Production and airing of a feature movie of at least 50 minutes or longer within a 12-month period. Shorter features may be combined to meet the total time.
  3. Video:  Videos shall meet the same total time within a 12-month period. They may be aired on television, at seminars or lectures or produced for sale as educational tapes for home use. Proof of airing, showing or advertisement for sale of tapes shall be furnished when required. Writers, producers, artists, directors and others actually connected with the production of movies or video tapes may submit applications under this section. Final decision will be made by the Membership Screening Committee.

E. Magazine Writer:

  1. Full-time, editorial employee of recognized magazine.
  2. Magazine writer must produce and sell minimum of six articles per 12-month period.

F. Books: Minimum of one outdoor book every three years. In case of a major work requiring extensive and prolonged research, etc., the Membership Screening Committee may waive the three-year restriction.

G. Electronic PublishingOne who creates digital editorial content for payment, including copy, photography and/or videography and meets the same publishing frequency requirements as that established for a newspaper.

H. Professional Lecturing: Eighteen lectures per 12-month period before paying audiences or on a scheduled for pay basis.

I. Communications:  An employee of a governmental or private organization who is responsible for outdoors communication or who supervises such a communications department. Duties must include such activities as writing news releases (not to include product releases), public speaking, publishing newsletters, photography, speech writing or similar communications endeavors.

Proof of Activity (For Active and General Associate Applicants)

Proof of activity in a category must accompany the application. You will be provided with a way to list website links and upload .pdf and/or Word documents. If you are unable to complete the application processes electronically, please call Executive Director Lisa Snuggs at 704-961-7614 for a .pdf copy of the application and mailing instructions.

Please read the following guidelines carefully.

A. Guidelines to follow:

  1. If you are applying for active status in a specific category, submit proof of activity for the past 12 months. For instance, if you are applying for newspaper columnist, the requirement is 26 published pieces. Proof of this activity would include representative samples of three consecutively published articles and a letter from your editor or publisher stating that you are a columnist and have published 26 columns in the past 12 months. (You are NOT required to send 26 articles.)
  2. The same reasoning follows for other categories. For a magazine editor, send a copy of the masthead showing you as editor. This does not apply to contributing and other such editors. The editor must be a paid, full-time staff member.
  3. Do not send movies, videos or radio tapes. Send a statement from the broadcaster, producer, director or co-host.

B. Membership with multiple categories. Applicants may qualify for membership from activity in multiple categories while not meeting full requirements for one specific category. Individuals may have sold four photos, two magazine articles, three newspaper columns and one video. While numbers in a category may vary, the membership committee will take into account overall activity to grant membership.

C. Membership applications must be accompanied by adequate proof of activity as outlined in individual membership requirements. Please call 704-961-7614 if you have questions.

Media Membership Application