Mission Statement

SEOPA established the Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation ofAmerica Inc. (OJEFA) in 2004. Researched and developed by SEOPA Life Member Gail Wright, OJEFA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to further education, research and network opportunities in the field of outdoor journalism for students, active outdoor journalists and outdoor journalist organizations.

Wright served as CEO for OJEFA until July 2009. OJEFA is now governed by the SEOPA Board of Directors with Lisa Snuggs serving as CEO.

OJEFA’s Longterm Goals

• To plan, develop, implement and maintain education programs for college students in the field of outdoor journalism;

• To plan, develop, implement and maintain education programs to expand career opportunities and skills of outdoor journalists;

• To award grants and scholarships to college students aspiring to be outdoor journalists;

• To educate outdoor journalists as to market opportunities;

• To recognize excellence in the field of outdoor journalism on a state, regional and national level;

• To establish and maintain service programs to strengthen student and professional outdoor journalist organizations;

• To establish funding for grant research projects to aid outdoor journalists and others involved in communicating the outdoor message;

• To establish and maintain a fund to provide support for projects that communicate the outdoor message through the media and the entertainment industry.