Wildlife For You Announces New "Bear Encounters" Class and 2019 Lineup

Wildlife For You has an awesome new "Bear Encounters" class debuting soon and if all goes well it will be ripe with new technologies including multiple bear videos to break down. This is an awesome follow up to the "Language of Bears" class and we'll discuss possible reactions to unexpected bear encounters.

To register for the online "Bear Encounters" class, Click here.

Secondly, we have an awesome lineup of upcoming wildlife classes to close out 2019. Online classes typically run $15 each but through this special promotion, you get to choose three classes for just $30. Remember, these make awesome gifts for your wildlife friends!

If you would like to order three individual classes, simply click here:  WFY Three-Class Package ($30). We will then contact you to find out which classes you wish to order.

Here are the remaining 2019 WFY classes* you can choose from:
- Animal Signs: Beyond Tracks (Aug. 22)
- Eat or Be Eaten: Predator-Prey relations (Sep. 5)
- Camouflage: Cryptic Critters (Sep. 19)
- Panthera: Not the band...the cats! (Oct. 3)
- Birds of Prey: Hunters of the Sky (Oct. 17)
- Super Sleepers: Secrets of Bear Hibernation (Nov. 7)
- Keystone Species: Keeping Ecosystems Intact (Nov. 21)
- Bear Tales: Bears We Have Known (Dec. 5)
* All classes begin at 8:00 pm EST unless otherwise noted.

If you have any questions about our classes or just wildlife in general, please don't hesitate to ask. remember, YOUR knowledge is THEIR existence!