Tom Rollins Award

The Tom Rollins Award is given in recognition of a member’s extraordinary devotion and service to SEOPA. This tribute, which is not necessarily bestowed each year, is considered the most prestigious of all SEOPA honors. The Special Awards Committee, which has the three most recent recipients as members, grants the award by reviewing nominations from the membership. Tom Rollins, for whom the award is named, served SEOPA as president from 1964 through 1967 and as executive director from 1973 until his retirement in 1988. His special fondness for the Canada goose inspired Bob Dennie to initiate the presentation of a Canada goose pin to each recipient of the Tom Rollins Award.

Tom Rollins Award Recipients:

1974 - V. H. (Doc) Jernigan, Manchester, Tenn.
1976 - Ernest J. Foldi, Bridgewater, Va.
1978 - D. L. (Bo) Glovier, Clinton, Tenn.
1979 - J.L. (Jim) Martin, Biloxi, Miss.    
1980 - D.W. (Don) Pfitzer, Lithonia, Ga.
1981 - J. Wayne Fears, Heflin, Ala.
1982 - Ridley Bell, Columbus, Ga.
1983 - Russell M. Daley, Norcross, Ga.
1985 - C.F. (Chuck) Buckley, Alexandria, La.
1986 - Bodie McDowell, Elon, N.C.
1988 - Sharon Rushton, Kimberling City, Mo.
1989 - Clarence (Soc) Clay, South Shore, Ky.
1991 - Tom M. Rollins, Clinton, Tenn.
1992 - R.N. (Bob) Dennie, Geismar, La.
1996 - Tim Tucker, Micanopy, Fla.
2000 - Gail Wright, Gilbert, S.C.
2002 - Keith Sutton, Alexander, Ark.
2006 - Jim Casada, Rock Hill, S.C.
2015 - Rob Simbeck, Hermitage, Tenn.
2017 - Tes Randle Jolly, Tuskegee, Ala.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 1989, this award recognizes those who contribute to the membership’s profession and crafts. Also considered are those who help make improvements to the organization. Nominations come from the membership to the board of directors for consideration.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

1991 - Charley Dickey, Tallahassee, Fla.
1992 - Charles Elliott, Covington, Ga.
1993 - W. Horace Carter, Hawthorne, Fla.
1994 - Homer Circle, Ocala, Fla.
1996 - Soc Clay, South Shore, Ky.
2010 - Mark Sosin, Boca Raton, Fla.
2014 - Wade Bourne, Clarksville, Tenn.
2017 - Jim Spencer, Calico Rock, Ark.

The Chuck Buckley Special Friends Award

Established in 1989, the Special Friends Award is bestowed upon those who contribute to conservation and outdoor issues, act as mentors, or offer any other outstanding contribution to SEOPA. The award was renamed the Chuck Buckley Special Friends Award to honor Buckley’s long-time devotion to SEOPA as tax advisor.

The Chuck Buckley Special Friends Award Recipients:
1996 - Donald W. Pfitzer, Lithonia, Ga.
2000 - C.F. (Chuck) Buckley, Alexandria, La.        
2001 - Susann Hamlin, Tuscumbia, Ala.
2008 - Theresa Sutton, Alexander, Ark.
2010 - Pat McHugh, Billerica, Mass.
2011 - Ann Casada, Rock Hill, S.C.
2015 - Pam Swanner, Montgomery, Ala.
2017 - Stacey Wheeler, Mountain Home, Ark.
2018 - Henry Snuggs, Albemarle, N.C.

Life Membership

Life Membership is an honor bestowed because of long, loyal and distinguished service to SEOPA. The membership committee, or any board member, may propose an active or associate member for Life Membership to the board of directors. After unanimous board approval, the recipient is exempt from dues for life. Plus, the individual retains membership rights and privileges.

Life Members:

W.R. (Bodie) McDowell, Elon, N.C.
Carl O. Bolton, Johnson City, Tenn.
Claude W. Fox, Knoxville, Tenn.
D.L. (Bo) Glovier, Clinton, Tenn.
Evan W. Means, Oak Ridge, Tenn.    
Mona B. Rollins, Clinton, Tenn.
Tom M. Rollins, Clinton, Tenn.
V. H. (Doc) Jernigan, Manchester, Tenn.
C.F. (Chuck) Buckley, Alexandria, La.    
H. M. (Mike) Cook, Baton Rouge, La.
Bob N. Dennie, Geismar, La.
Ernest Foldi, Bridgewater, Va.
Sharon Rushton, Kimberling City, Mo.
Gail Wright, Gilbert, S.C.
William McKell, Jr., M.D., Gautier, Miss.
Charles Elliott, Covington, Ga.
Mike Walker, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Pat McHugh, Billerica, Mass.
Dean Wohlgemuth, Jessup, Ga.
Jim Casada, Rock Hill, S.C.

Nominations for SEOPA Special Awards

Nominations for special awards are due by July 31. Nominations are accepted by the Special Awards committee from the general membership except for Life Membership. Those are made to the board by members of the board or the Membership Screening committee. All nominations should be sent in writing to committee chair Tes Randle Jolly at [email protected]

The Dave Meredith Award

First-time SEOPA conference attendees are identified by green ribbons on their badges. Each year, the SEOPA board of directors chooses one of them who exhibits extraordinary enthusiasm to be honored with what was originally called the Green Ribbon Award.
In 2007, the board changed the award to the Dave Meredith Award to honor its namesake who always went out of his way to make newcomers feel welcome. Dave passed away in 2012, but the award named for him has since become one of the most revered recognitions bestowed upon SEOPA members.

2007 – Kathy Barker
2008 – Lisa Metheny
2009 – Brad Wiegmann
2010 – Ken Cook
2011 – Bryce Butner
2012 – Josh Wolfe
2013 – Whitney Woodrick
2014 – Thomas MacAuley
2015 – McLane McGuire
2016 – Kevin Michalowski
2017 – Deneshia and David Larson
2018 – Ben Zino and Brittany Self
2019 – Serena Juchnowski


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