Alan Clemons



“When I began delving into the world of outdoor writing in 1994 one of the common refrains I heard was, ‘Have you heard about SEOPA?’ I heard it at the SHOT Show, from new friends, at events, and finally, I joined. I figured if nothing else, it would be a great way to network and meet more people. SEOPA has opened doors for work-related projects, but more so it has helped create lifelong friendships I can count on in so many ways.” 


Wade Bourne (1947-2016)

Former full-time, freelance writer, broadcaster and photographer


“I joined SEOPA in 1975, and I can say with certainty that this was the best professional decision I ever made.  The relationships I’ve established at the annual conventions have led to magazine sales, radio interviews and sponsorships, TV features, and a steady stream of new ideas to upgrade my business. But more, SEOPA members have become my extended family: quality people, unfailingly supportive, forever my friends.” 



Glynn Harris

Award-winning freelance writer and radio show host


I joined SEOPA in 1975 at the prompting of a writer-friend, having little idea of what the organization was about. At the same time, I also joined OWAA and while attending its annual conference in Macon, Georgia, I met some SEOPA members – guys like Bodie McDowell, Russ Dailey, Charlie Dickey, Tom Rollins et al who fanned the embers of my fledgling writing career into flames that continue to burn.


Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor

Director of Public Relations, Daisy/GAMO/NAP

Daisy has a long-term relationship with SEOPA because of the people –– influential communicators who speak to our consumer. This legendary family of outdoorsmen and women are the influencers companies like Daisy and Gamo depend on to relay the message and publicity we need to be successful.


Bill CookseyBill Cooksey

Sportsman Outreach Coordinator, Vanishing Paradise and National Wildlife Federation

Just wanted to tell you how valuable a resource SEOPA has proven, once again, to be for Vanishing Paradise. A major goal of ours in 2017 was a specific number of blogs about South Florida and the Everglades. We thought it was wrapped up in early summer, but changes at one magazine put us in a bind. With little time to spare, SEOPA put the word out, and your folks responded. We surpassed our goals, and thousands of sportsmen became aware of a serious conservation issue. I can’t wait to see everyone at the next convention.